• Xml DropDownList - IHierarchicalDataSource

    Binds to IHierarchicalDataSource

    Our custom ASP.NET DropDownList when bound to any IHierarchicalDataSource (for example: SiteMapDataSource, XmlDataSource) fully preserves hierarchical nature of data. It’s a great alternative for more space consuming menus or tree controls especially given the fact that drop-down list metaphor is widely used and loved among GUI developers and users.
  • Xml DropDownList - Three Modes of Computing Values

    Three Modes of Computing Values

    To serve all your needs for reading drop-down list values, XmlDropDownList is equipped with three modes: DataTextField, DataValueField and NodePath. While the first two closely resemble 'SelectedText' and 'SelectedValue', the latter returns valid XPath query qualifying the node in hierarchical structure.
  • Xml DropDownList - Customizable Nesting Prefix

    Customizable Nesting Prefix

    Prefix responsible for visual nesting of hierarchical nodes can be customized. Default value simulates tree-like structure.
  • Xml DropDownList - Extends Standard DropDownList

    Extends Standard DropDownList

    Small change from '<asp:DropDownList ..> ' to '<'cc:XmlDropDownList ..>' makes upgrade from standard DropDownList control a snap. There is no learning curve to use our control for those who already are comfortable working with standard asp.net DropDownList control.
  • Xml DropDownList - Ajax Compatible

    AJAX Compatible

    Works with Microsoft Ajax.
  • Xml DropDownList - Multiple Browser Support

    Cross Browser Support

    Supports all today’s major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.