• Registration Form - Auto Country Detection

    Auto Country Detection

    Our asp.net Registration Form automatically pre-selects country based on user’s IP address. It’s accurate and convenient. You can even program your form to tailor registration results based on auto country detection.
  • Registration Form - Customizable Fields

    Customizable Fields

    You have full control over which form fields to display. It can be as simplistic as to ask for email address and some comments or as elaborate as to request for all the necessary contact information, even MAC address when needed.
  • Registration Form - Auto Validation

    Auto Validation

    Required fields have their client and server side validators included. Email and MAC address are validated against well established regular expressions. Once again we opt for simplification of your development.
  • Registration Form - Coloring Alternate Rows

    Coloring of Alternate Rows

    Coloring of alternate rows can be adjusted or turned off when needed. It can add appealing look to a form and help users navigate form items.
  • Registration Form - Data Gathering Made Easy

    Easy Data Gathering

    Access to Registration Form’s data is easy. You can read it from you event handler or you can use control’s built-in FormSubmit event.
  • Registration Form - Styled Buttons

    Styled Buttons

    When optionally displayed, Submit and Reset buttons can be styled to match your design. Style attributes are properly saved in ViewState when one is enabled. Text of Submit button can also be changed.
  • Registration Form - Visual Studio Design Time Support

    Visual Studio Design-Time Support

    Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 design time support means that you can fully configure your control without leaving the design surface.
  • Registration Form - Ajax Compatible.gif

    AJAX Compatible

    Works with Microsoft Ajax.
  • Registration Form - Multiple Browser Support

    Cross Browser Support

    Supports all today’s major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.