• Grid View Ex - Extra Paging Information

    Extra Paging Info

    Standard paging modes of asp.net GridView are pretty limited. There is no straightforward way of displaying page numbers and previous/next buttons at the same time and things get even more complicated when we want to display total number of records especially when displaying just a subset of them (which should always be the case for performance reasons). With our custom GridView it’s super easy.
  • Grid View Ex - Row Highlighting

    Row Highlighting

    Row highlighting with mouse over gives a very nice client side feedback that all grids should be armed with. Sure you can try to engineer something on your own but with our GridView this is another maintenance burden off your head.
  • Grid View Ex - Single dll Deployment

    Single dll Deployment

    Control is 'self-efficient' in terms of client files. JavaScript and styles are served dynamically and no maintenance on the server is required. This simplifies deployment greatly.
  • Grid View Ex - Extends Standard GridView

    Extends Standard GridView

    Small change from '<asp:GridView ..> ' to '<'cc:GridViewEx ..>' makes upgrade from standard GridView control a snap. There is no learning curve to use our control for those who already are comfortable working with standard asp.net GridView control.
  • Grid View Ex - Ajax Compatible

    AJAX Compatible

    Works with Microsoft Ajax.
  • Grid View Ex - Multiple Browser Support

    Cross Browser Support

    Supports all today’s major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.