• DropDownListEx - Binding to Multiple Fields

    Binding to Multiple Fields

    Have you experienced frustration with standard DropDownList when trying to bind them to multiple fields(object properties or database fields)? We did. That was one of the reasons we created this control. No more workarounds with UNIONs. No more cumbersome concatenations. Showing multiple fields with this control is easy.
  • DropDownListEx - ItemDataBound event

    ItemDataBound Event

    DataList has one. DataGrid and GridView have one. Somehow list controls were spared ItemDataBound event. It comes in handy for total control over what is being displayed, especially when binding to business objects. Our DropDownListEx lets you have that control.
  • DropDownListEx - Colorize


    You can colorize items in variety of ways. For ultimate control over this process 'ItemColoring' is exposed. Coloring 'survives' post backs to save database trips.
  • DropDownListEx - ListItem Attributes

    Proper Handling of Item Attributes

    This happens to be a problem with standard DropDownList controls that affects many developers. Standard DropDownList controls can't save the attributes (like 'style') of its Items in ViewState. Our control makes sure the problem is non-existent.
  • DropDownListEx - Extends Standard DropDownList

    Extends Standard DropDownList

    Small change from '<asp:DropDownList ..>' to '<'cc:DropDownListEx ..>' makes upgrade from the standard DropDownList control a snap. There is no learning curve to use our control for those who already are comfortable working with the standard asp.net offering.
  • DropDownListEx - Ajax Compatible.gif

    AJAX Compatible

    Works with Microsoft Ajax.
  • DropDownListEx - Multiple Browser Support

    Cross Browser Support

    Supports all today’s major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.