• DatePicker - Nullable Selected Date

    Nullable<DateTime> SelectedDate

    Accepts and returns strongly typed and nullable DateTime object. Not only does it eliminate string conversion but it also is ideal for binding to database datetime columns that accept null values.
  • DatePicker - Sing

    Single dll Deployment

    Control is 'self-sufficient' in terms of client files. Javascript and styles are served dynamically and no maintenance on the server is required. This greatky simplifies deployment.
  • DatePicker - Auto Validation

    Auto Validation

    Control features built-in validator that it is easy to set and customize. It checks validity of selected dates also against different date formats.
  • DatePicker - Support for multiple date formats

    Multiple Date Formats

    Supports multiple date formats that can either be set explicitly or automatically based on current culture.
  • DatePicker - Small Java Script foot print

    Small JavaScript Footprint

    JavaScript referenced on a client side has a very small footprint unlike other elaborated Date Pickers. This makes our DatePicker much fast and less error prone.
  • DatePicker - styled Textbox

    Styled Textbox

    The TextBox that displays selected date can be styled separately. Styles are properly saved in ViewState when one is enabled.
  • DatePicker - Multiple Skin Support

    Multiple Skins

    Multiple skins are added for visual preference. No additional client files are needed to support them.
  • DatePicker - Visual Studio Design-Time Support

    Visual Studio Design-Time Support

    Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 design time support means that you can fully configure your control without leaving the design surface.