We sell time saving, lightweight and robust ASP.NET custom web controls designed to offer you maximum flexibity while enabling you to speed the development of your own applications.

i-Radek also sells social networking platform solutions that let enterprises manage more effectively and creators to quickly build their own social networks with nothing more than an idea and a hosted domain.

Enabling WEB 2.0 Entrepreneurs
Evolving The Enterprise

Here are some of our latest stand alone Asp.Net custom web controls, all available at a great price.

  • GridViewEx - Features configurable extra paging information for all data source and sizes. Adds row highlighting with mouse over effect.
  • DatePicker - Supports different date formats, skins and input validation based on selected format. Does not generate post back. It's simple and fast.
  • RegistrationForm - Fully customizable registration form with auto country detection.
  • XMLDropDownList - Capable of binding to an XML file and displaying its nodes hierarchically.
  • DropDownListEx - Supports data binding to multiple fields, exposes DataBound event, allows for colorizing items, properly handles view state of item attributes.